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House-landing stage


From  27 000 rub. /day Booking

In currently prevalent landings in cities located in the vicinity of reservoirs, rivers and lakes. Especially in European cities like London Paris, Vienna, Budapest on the rivers Thames, Seine, Danube. Project costs far lower than than the standard in the construction of houses. Cost minimization is achieved by reducing the cost of acquisition of land, reduce taxes, reduce financial and operating expenses. Water resources often are federal property.

We are pleased to introduce unique in its kind offer - House-landing stage. 

Project House - landing stage built by individual drawings in a single copy. Constructive solution of the building loading dock performed by half-timbered technology.

Planning landing stage is made in 2 levels. On the ground floor there is a living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms. On the 2nd floor there are 2 bedrooms, bathrooms, living room. Interior trim is made of the highest quality European materials. Dimensions and layout allow the use of house-landing stage for simultaneous accommodation of a large group of persons, as well as use it as an office, a tourist complex, hotel or residential building. House-landing stage can be used as a "corporate tourist center."

Berth landing stage is defined in the picturesque location Ivankovskoye reservoir on the island, and is part of the adjoining structure obscheyu Country Club Konakovo River Club, where you can take advantage of the richest range of services, to plunge into the atmosphere of a luxurious hotel complex with its well-developed infrastructure.

If your business requires a representation of events, the best gift partners may rest on the water. House - landing stage of specification 'River Register "has the whole package permits. First floor

- Two living rooms - kitchen area - one bedroom - sauna - two bathrooms 
Second floor 
- Living room - two bedrooms 
Living room on the ground floor:
- Two sofas - table - TV 
Kitchen area:
- Bar - kitchen 
Bedroom on the ground floor:
- 2 local bed - bedside tables - wardrobe 
Living №2:
first floor - sofa - 2 armchairs - coffee table 
Living room on the second floor:
- Round table - 8 chairs - 1 sofa

Characteristics of the landing stage: 

  • All house area - 320 sq.m.
  • Living area - 235 sq.m .;
  • Features:
  • Length, m: 30.4
  • Width, m: 10.4
  • Depth, m: 2.2
  • Height, m: 7.3
  • Displacement with cargo, t: 256
  • Sediment with average load, ie: 0.94
  • Light displacement, t: 206
  • Draft average tare, m: 0.76