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“VIKOMO” company (LLC)  was founded in 2000. The core business area of VIKOMO is purchase of land for execution of developer projects. The market value of company assets for the moment exceeds 1,5bln rubles. The executed projects of the company in Moscow and Moscow area are:

  • building complexin B.Nikitskaya, 26/2, bld.1.2.3.
  • office building in Kazarmenniy side-street, 10, bld.3
  • office complex in M.Golovin side-street, 12
  • garage and office complex in B.Gruzinskaya, 9 and 5 bld.2
  • project«Country estate Zolino»

Project«Country estate Zolino»


In close vicinity to Moscow, 12 km from Klin city there situated an ancient manor Zolino, a unique historical and cultural heritage of imperial Russia and an outstanding monument of landscaping. Destined to become a center of spiritual and cultural life, Zolino Manor is an ideal place for a modern and independent person and his closest people. It is here, away from city rush in the lap of picturesque nature,that one can feel the pleasures of life once experienced by noblemen of pre-revolutionary Russia.

The bunker base in Ust-Kut city ( Irkutsk region) and the petroleum base in Kstovo city (Nizhny Novgorod region) are the company’s projects too.

VIKOMO company has vast experience in execution of projects of civilian and industrial designation both in direct cooperation with the investor and remotely. Thus one can speak with certainty about the first-class quality of all objects constructed in Konakovo River Club.

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