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Whichever way one turns, there is water almost everywhere around Konakovo River Club: 7-km waterline, 5 islands, a magnificent view of the Volga River from almost each point of the country club. It is not surprising, given that the hotel complex is situated between water and sky on the bank of Ivankovskoye Reservoir, also known as the Moscow Sea.

The great water atmosphere in this unique place would be impossible without human interference. Here on the border of Moscow and Tver regions the Ivankovskoye Reservoir was built in 1937. Then Volga corridor was blocked by a great 9-km dam, and fields, forests, sloughs and more than a hundred settlements went under water. Korcheva, the district city that was irretrievably drowned near Konakovo, was among them. However, the flooding of such vast areas yielded more favorable than negative results for Man and local Nature. Thus, more than three hundred picturesque islands and new places for fish spawning appeared in the Volga area, water supply of the capital and waterway transportation to Moscow were set up.

The significance of natural resources of Tver land is crucial to vacationers and local public. In the Ivankovskoye reservoir, that is 3 km wide near Konakovo River Club, more than twenty species of fish, including pike, perch, bream, roach, ruffe, nerfling, catfish etc. are common. The leafy forests, spreading out on the river banks, are wellsprings of mushrooms, berries and hunting areas. All of this offer massive opportunities of conversing with nature, intimacy, water sports, as well as hunting and fishing.