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To feel as cozy at a hotel as at home, and to feel as comfortable at home as at a resort complex of the highest level. This very idea was taken as a basis for the Konakovo River Club concept.

The country project with a unique concept comprises a four-star hotel complex and private housing, planned as distant country cottages for part-time living, as a harmonious addition to a city apartment or a country cottage.

As cozy as at home…

On one side, one can come to Konakovo River Club with one’s folks: stay for several days at a perfectly furnished hotel room or at a rented cottage, get away from rush and stay in nature's lap, have relaxing or extreme leisure and enjoy the first-class European service.

As comfortable as at a resort complex…

On the other side, each hotel guest has an opportunity to become a house- or landowner in the private sector of the complex. The concept of Konakovo River Club supposes, that purchase of real estate or land automatically guarantees Club membership to the purchaser and gives access to the developed hotel infrastructure, technical support and broad leisure options.

The peculiarity of Konakovo River Club is the unification of public and private territories of the Club in terms of architecture, space and functionality.

  • Unified architecture.To embody the architectural ideas, we have chosen the unified extravagant and highly provocative style reflecting philosophy of active, creative and remarkable individuals. The solidity of the architectural ensemble is the key requirement to all objects of the public and the private sectors. The project envisages sale of three kinds of land-tenure: plots of land with ready houses, with one of construction projects at purchaser’s option or plots on the main lines with encumbrance in respect of architecture (height, color, style).
  • Unified space. Projectors of Konakovo River Club paid special attention to creation of space without limits and high fencing. This was intended to enable the Club members to converse with each other and nature.
  • Unified functionality. Each Club member has an unlimited access to all services of the hotel complex, sports center and yacht-club. The developed network of artificial channels, approaching the private houses, intensifies the feeling of water closeness and offers massive opportunities for water entertainments.

 A stay at Konakovo River Club for just several days will make you fall in love with the nature of this place for the term of your life. It is easy to keep this feeling for long: as a Club member you will get infinite possibilities for leisure activities in virgin nature's lap.

Konakovo River Club is home coziness at the hotel and hotel comfort at home.