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Architectural Style

For the development of the Konakovo River Club we have selected the most extravagant and expressive architectural style of the 20th century - postmodernism, which is the latest trend in modern North American and European private real estate construction industry.

Provocative architecture of the Konakovo River Club – is the club creators’ and members’manifesto against boring and impersonal present-day housing development, against the feeling of moroseness and depression, insinuated by living there.

Architecture and People in harmony with Nature…

In comparison with the conventional cottage communities, the Konakovo River Club space is not limited by high enclosure; one districts flows smoothly into another, bringing nature, water and public infrastructure closer to the lodgers. In the architectural design of the Konakovo River Club much emphasis is laid on the idea that architecture and nature could be in admirable proportion and Man could be a linking element in this chain.

The supreme comfort of living and low service-charge became possible due to the rational organization of internal arrangements of space, increased daylight area, and organic materials usage. Meanwhile, daring colors of fronts, extraordinary geometric formsof houses and ultra-modern interiors reflect architects’ intention to create a fashionable place for active, outstanding public striving for totally new inspiration sources.

Stylistic uniformity is the architectural concept of the Club

The main construction principal of the Konakovo River Club is the strict architectural regulation in the center of the community and less strict one on the outskirts. At the same time each district of the Konakovo River Club has its own inimitative style, united by a framework concept. Thus, in the architecture of the hotel complex (hotel, townhouses, shalets) one can trace features of European rural architecture, and private cottages show traces of functionalism, including Russian constructivism.

The high quality construction and the architectural uniformity of the Konakovo River Club guarantee high degree of liquidity of the real estate as a capital investment. Surrounded by such bright architecture one discovers true desire to live, relax and enjoy the surrounding world.

Bright architecture creates bright experience!