St. Prigorodnaja 8, Konakovo.
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171256, Russia
Tverskaya Region, Konakovo,

Tel./fax +7(495)974-65-44

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Travel Directions

By car:Transport connection between Konakovo River Club and Moscow is provided by Leningradskoye highway (125 km from the Moscow Ring Road), Dmitrovskoye highway (115 km from the Moscow Ring Road), Novorizhskoye highway, Pyatnitskoye highway.

By helicopter:There is a helicopter landing site in Konakovo River Club, the coordinates are N56°45’45” E0364422.

By water transport:Marina of Konakovo River Club is situated in the right bank of Ivankovskoye reservoir between beacons 79 and 80.

Sales and marketing department of the hotel complex

Tel./fax 7(48242)4-10-01

Land plots and real estate sales office

Moscow, Prosvirin side-street, 13
Tel. +7(495)766-18-73
Working hours: every day from 10:00 to 18:00

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